My name is Beth Azarow. I am a recent college graduate from Seattle, Washington spending the next year of my life as a Mennonite Volunteer, working in Baltimore, MD with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS). This past June  I completed  my time at Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Theology and an International Service Certificate through the Global and Urban Ministries program. This next year my video camera and I will be working and traveling with LIRS. I will spend my days meeting people, specifically newcomers to the United States and all those involved in their stories of welcome.

I will blog along the way, allowing others to enter into both my story, as well as the stories of those I meet.

At this point in my life, I am a newcomer. As I personally seek to learn what it means to welcome in a new place and culture (trust me, Baltimore and Seattle are VERY different),  I will also be learning from those who are actively  giving and receiving attitudes that exude  the very definition of this word “welcome”.

To get in contact with me please send an email to

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