The Latehomecomer

October 5, 2010

I have started reading the book by Kao Kalia Yang entitled ‘The Latehomecomer’. What a moving book and I have only started Chapter 7. The words that she uses out of her own experience to write about the resettlement that they had to endure over the years of the Hmong people is simply beautiful. Yang writes with such love and kindness in each word that is written on the page, that as your eyes look over each, you can feel her writing the letters are you read. The book starts with the war-time that was happening at the time her parents were young, and walks you day by day through the life of her mother, untill the day she met her husband (Yang’s father).

As I have been reading, I image myself going through all these same things and I am most positive that it would be the most horrific experience for myself, doubting that I would even survive.  When you read someone story of how they had to run through the jungle, away from bullets, no shoes, and bleeding feet – you take your prefect little life in America and wonder why you thought it was so bad that you had to stand in the cold and wait for the bus to show up 10 minutes late.  It is difficult to see how I could even cry about missing home so much when these people ran and fled for their lives in order to live and come to America where they are placed into detention centers.

I do not want to get on a sermon about how I see what we as Americans are doing is wrong for placing these people in need of help in detention centers, but at least you know how I feel about it all. It gives me such joy to know that what I am doing here currently at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, is able to impact the lives of Americans so that they will see the truth of what is happening.  Not that we all to need fight the governmental system, but that we can make a change for the better for these people.

Pray for them.
Send a card to them.
Visit them in the detention centers.
Listen to one of their stories and tell a friend about it.
Get your church community involved and passionate about helping migrants.
The possibilities are endless when God, man, and neighbor are working together to create a better, SAFER, place for human kind.

Get your community involved, if you need an idea, I have been able to place Beth’s In Search of Welcome project on our website, .  Check it out.  I would be MORE than HAPPY to send it to your church family so that they may see real-life stories of migrants into America and how they to can be involved.

*WALK by FAITH in HOPE with LOVE that GOD gave YOU*