my SeArcH for WeLcoMe

September 20, 2010

My search for welcome – isn’t that a BIG topic to try to get your mind around?

For me it is, but with the help of people in the LIRS office, I have come to find where my true heart lies for immigration and refugees.

Over the next months, I invite you to follow me through reflection of books that I am going to read, personal thoughts and feelings, and whatever else God lies on my heart to tell the world about.

This weekend I will be starting my first book, The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir by Kao Kalia Yang.

I actually just flipped through it yesterday after it was given to be to read, and I found the most lovely poem in the front cover.

Before babies are born they live in the sky where

they fly among the clouds. The sky is a happy place

and calling babies down to earth is not as easy

thing to do.  From the sky, babies can see the course

of human lives.

This is what the Hmong children of my generation

are told by our mothers and fathers, by our

grandmothers and grandfathers.

They teach us that we have chosen our lives. That

the people who we would become we had inside of

us from the beginning, and the people whose

worlds we share, whose memories we hold strong

inside of us, we have always known.

From the sky, I would come again.

Talk about leaving a beautiful image in your mind.  I really have no idea what I am getting my mind ready for, the changes that will happen to the thoughts and feelings that I have, but know that it will all be an open book.

As I wrote in my last post, I live at Reservoir Hill House of Peace (RHHP) here in Baltimore, Maryland.  A place where MVSers (Mennonite Volunteer Service), residents, and asylum seekers are able to live in the same house.  In the short month that I have been in Baltimore and RHHP, my heart nearly breaks when I hear the stories of how these people have been tortured for the beliefs they have help.   Which leads me into where my heart lies with LIRS.
Asylum seekers. Their stories. Their lives. Detention centers. Their trip to America.

As you will quickly learn about me, I love to learn about people. Differences. Similarities. Anything. And everything. I hope you follow with me as I learn about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful parts of lives of asylum seekers in America.

WALK by FAITH in HOPE with LOVE that GOD gave YOU.

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