April 22, 2010

Read below, a very thorough article on activity happening in Arizona as Gov. Brewer considers SB 1070. As of Monday, the Governor’s Office had received 1,356 calls, e-mails and faxes in favor of SB 1070 and 11,931 against the bill.

Sneak Peek quote: “Jim Wallis, CEO of the Washington-based Christian social-justice group Sojourners, said this immigration fight is not just about Arizona…”This is about the entire country,” he said. “We want to be a nation of laws, but enforcement without reform is cruel. We will not comply.””

Earlier this week Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service sent out the following message regarding SB 1070:


This week, the Arizona state legislature approved troubling legislation which will soon be up to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to approve or veto.

If signed into law, the bill, “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood,” SB 1070, would greatly expand the role of local law enforcement by requiring state and local police officers to determine the immigration status of anyone suspected to be in the country unlawfully. It would also leave drivers open to sanctions for knowingly transporting an undocumented immigrant, even if the person is a relative or friend.

LIRS is deeply concerned about bill’s impact on Arizona families and communities. It would create a culture of fear among immigrants and their families of law enforcement and would undermine community safety. If people are afraid that their families, neighbors and friends will be rounded up, they may hesitate to share information to the police about crimes taking place in their community. Furthermore, it would make it harder for police officers to do their jobs, and would make it easier for criminals to do theirs.

LIRS applauds Rev. Stephen S. Talmage, bishop of the Grand Canyon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, who wrote to Governor Brewer urging her to veto the bill and calling for comprehensive immigration reform. We also need your help. This week, take these steps to protect Arizona families and communities:

  1. Call Governor Brewer’s office at (602) 524-4331 and tell her to veto SB 1070. Let us know how your call went!
  2. Join Governor Brewer’s Facebook page and leave a comment on her wall in opposition of SB 1070.
  3. Click here to send an on-line message to Governor Brewer or your own governor as well as other elected officials. Tell them that you stand for welcome, and that instead of dividing communities, we should focus on reforming our nation’s immigration laws.
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