Lenten Meditation

March 2, 2010

A few days ago at a departmental retreat we both began and ended our time together with a meditation on the season of Lent. I wanted to share a copy with you all. I loved it, and later that evening went home and participated in a community night where lead my housemates in a similar meditation.

Lent: A Season of Fasting and Feasting

Lent should be more than a time of FASTING.  It should also be a joyful season of FEASTING.  Lent is a time to fast from certain things and to feast on others.  It is a season in which we should:

FAST from judging others; FEAST on the Christ indwelling them.

FAST from emphasis on differences; FEAST on the unity of all life.

FAST from apparent darkness; FEAST on the reality of light.

FAST from thoughts of illness; FEAST on the healing power of God.


FAST from words that pollute; FEAST on phrases that purify.

FAST from discontent; FEAST on gratitude.

FAST from anger; FEAST on patience.

FAST from pessimism; FEAST on optimism.


FAST from worry; FEAST on divine order.

FAST from complaining; FEAST on appreciation.

FAST from negatives; FEAST on affirmatives.

FAST from unrelenting pressures; FEAST on unceasing prayer.


FAST from hostility; FEAST on non-resistance.

FAST from bitterness; FEAST on forgiveness.

FAST from self-concern; FEAST on compassion for others.

FAST from personal anxiety; FEAST on eternal truth.


FAST from discouragement; FEAST on hope.

FAST from facts that depress; FEAST on verities that uplift.

FAST from lethargy; FEAST on enthusiasm.

FAST from suspicion; FEAST on truth.


FAST from thoughts that weaken; FEAST on promises that inspire.

FAST from shadows of sorrow; FEAST on the sunlight of serenity.

FAST from idle gossip; FEAST on purposeful silence.

FAST from problems that overwhelm; FEAST on prayer that undergirds.

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