We Are Fam-i-ly

February 23, 2010

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the idea of family. As I move forward through the world, my family is my net. I try new things and I take risks, and every once in a while I fall, and there they are the whole time, ready to catch me, helping to make the fall a little less painful. As I think of family, a variety of different people come to my mind. Yes, while my mother and father, my two sisters, these are my family members, something makes me think that the concept of a family stretches much further than simply one individual nuclear community.

As I travel new places and meet new people my family grows larger and larger. Suddenly I look around and realize that I have a global group of the most beautiful people ever whom I get to be in mutually supportive relationships with.

As I think about this idea of family, I consider how it applies to the life of an immigrant or refugee. I think about what it might mean to leave my family emergently, or have no choice as to where I live or how often I will be able to communicate with my loved ones. I wonder what it would be like to try and build a family in a place where I didn’t know the language, where I wasn’t familiar with the culture. These thoughts push me forward as I contemplate my current living situation.

I live in the same house as people who have had to, very suddenly, leave their countries, families, homes, and possessions behind.  I get to be a family member to people that have had to leave their loved ones. How am I participating as a member of the Reservoir Hill House of Peace family? I consider this to be an increasingly important question that I must interact with and continue to ask myself each day.

Today I encourage you to reflect: in what way ware you a family member to others in your community?

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