Snowing In Baltimore City

February 9, 2010

Snow at my house is quite the adventure. Our back yard consists of a HUGE parking lot that in the snow takes 15 people about 20 hours working in shifts of two to see the bottom of.

While my current attitude is quite pessimistic regarding the heavier-than-it-looks white powder along with the reappearance of excessive precipitation, I will admit that at FIRST it was pretty fun to be in a house with people from all over the world who have quite the varying opinions and levels of experience with snow. A fellow Pacific North Westerner housemate and I proclaimed boldly that snow belongs in the mountains. You should be able to drive both to and from it. Snow at home is unacceptable.

Some are excited about snow, as they have never seen it before. Others are hesitant and do not like it, staying indoors and looking outside proclaiming, “You are crazy!” when they see others on the road.

Regardless of opinions, every single house member has done a ridiculous deal of shoveling, providing time for bonding with both the snow, as well as each other.

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