February 2, 2010

The other evening I had an instructional meeting in Washington D.C. to learn more about an event that I will be participating in later this week. The instructor of the meeting explained the mission, purpose, and history of this event as a “great story”. A large story in which many other stories are found and created. This analogy was refreshing to me, especially as I thought of it today in relation to my time with LIRS.

As I spent time reflecting today on my own ideas about “story” I decided to re-read my first blog entry of the year.

Here is what I wrote:

“A story; a continuum of experiences that have created and shaped both thought and belief; people, forces, and knowledge that will continue pushing us forward, further and further into the unknown.  As one story evolves, all characters involved will begin to interact with both individual and communal development. As a 22 year old woman, I recognize my own story as a direct result of the others that I have encountered. My story, just as yours, is a compilation of other stories, those we have seen, heard, and been a part of. I am entirely convinced that to be in relationship with another individual requires absolute interconnectedness of story.”

I love this. I love to think about this year of my life, my time spent in Baltimore, and the story it will be one day. I like that it is a part of a larger story called “my life”;  a story within a story. And within this year are hundreds and hundreds of other stories: people I’ve met, friends I am making, skills I am learning.

This is what this year is about for me. Meeting people, hearing their stories, allowing mine to be transformed, and encouraging the transformation of others, through the sharing of story.

Today I was reminded of just how beautiful this concept is.

On another note: I hope that part of my story for today gets to be one filled with SNOW!

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