Feeling Inspired

February 1, 2010

The latest project that I have been working on is a new video made up entirely of words and still images.

The video title: “Welcome is…”

As I watch the clips I study their transitions over and over again. Adjusting the speed and transition of one photo to the next, I read the words on the screen. I have listed a variety of different actions and thoughts, different ways to exude an attitude of welcome.

As I review these images and take in the words, I examine my own experience in Baltimore, my own attitude of welcome. Something I have found absolutely inspiring about every single individual that I have interviewed and photographed this year is their openness towards a new place, new culture, and a new way of life. The people I have met all do a beautiful job at learning and experiencing new situations, while gracefully maintaining personal and cultural identity. This attribute I admire greatly. I too desire this attitude towards new experiences and periods of time in my life.

I feel inspired as I see these beautiful images.

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