So Far, So Good.

October 12, 2009

My meetings this past week have gone beautifully. First, I met with a human rights attorney in her downtown Baltimore office. We spent some time discussing my project, and what her involvement with it might look like. It was absolutely delightful and became yet another addition to my excitement over this project. I will meet with her again later this month soon to do some filming.

Friday I took a drive up to the BEAUTIFUL farmland of Pennsylvania to meet with a lovely woman who single handedly organized her church congregation in Delaware to assist in the resettlement of a family from Kosovo. She had incredible and inspiring stories. I have high hopes of continuing conversation with her, and possibly getting to meet this resettled family.

Tomorrow I will be traveling to yet another part of  PA to meet with a woman who assisted in resettling families after the Golden Venture event (took place in New York City, 1993. A boat carrying 283 Chinese people crashed in a New York City Harbor).

I will continue to keep you posted on my travels, especially the things that I am learning and thinking about. I hope to begin posting some videos soon!

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