My Job is the Coolest: First Series of Interviews Beginning in 4 Hours

October 8, 2009

This afternoon I begin a series of interviews, my first interview being with an immigration lawyer in downtown Baltimore. I was just sitting here in my triangle shaped cubicle at the good old Lutheran Center thinking about what a treat this is for me; my job is like the ultimate educational experience. I am interviewing people on camera and putting together videos about immigration and refugee issues so that others may learn about what is going on in the world. As I sit and listen and record people talking and sharing about what they do, it is so evident to me that I am very, very clearly a member of my targeted audience. These videos are intended for people just like me. I am so excited to learn and hear, and understand new parts and pieces of what is going on in the lives of SO MANY people in the world.

I get to spend a year taking a crash course on refugees, and as I learn, hundreds of others get to learn with me. Ah, people, this is VERY cool.

My Tenative Schedule is as follows:

Sunday, October 4th: Gettysburg Seminary ELCA youth fair

Thursday, October 9th: Meeting with an immigration attorney in downtown Baltimore

Friday, October 10th: Meeting in Landenburg, PA/ connecting with a woman that assisted in resettling a family from Kosovo

Tuesday, October 13th: Meeting in Sevens Valley, PA/ connecting with a woman who assisted in refugee resettlement after the Golden Venture event in 1993

Tuesday October 20th- Thursday October 22nd: Lancaster, PA/ meeting with an LIRS affiliate, meeting with and interviewing case workers/refugeesĀ 

November 4th- 7th: Philadelphia, PA/ Foster Case visit

November 26th-30th: Thanksgiving weekend

December 1st-2nd: Utica, NY/ Meeting with an affiliate in Utica. Learning about the “town that loves refugees

December 3rd: Albany, NY/Meeting with UNSEEN AMERICA NYS

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